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 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Hi, Vincent here!

For the last 14 years, I’ve dedicated my life to studying the sales process in the marine industry.
I’ve taught over 5,000 salespeople how to sell more boats, yachts, charters, and even equipment.

The biggest brokerage firms and shipyards in the marine industry, companies like Riva Yachts, Jeanneau Yachts, Sunreef Yachts, Riviera yachts, Fleming Yachts, FourWinns Boats, Denison Yachting, have sought me out to help train their brokers and teach them what you’re about to discover.

However, my passion isn’t just in helping corporations grow their business. It’s also in helping brokers, dealers and salespeople in the marine industry get the skills they need to grow their careers, businesses and provide for themselves and their families.
This is want I want to do for YOU.
  • ​I want to provide you with the same selling strategies, tactics and techniques that I have shared with my best high end clients.
  • ​In 2020, the boating market was valued at $41.08 billion and it keeps growing today! I want to help you get your fair share of the pie. 
  • ​I’ll equip you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset to help you start, grow, or accelerate your career… and compete with the biggest players in your market.

At the end of the day, the life, relationships and freedom you truly desire are all made possible by one thing...

If This Is What YOU Want,  I Can Help YOU Get There.

If this page is still live, it means you still have the chance to discover how the top performers sell millions of dollars worth of yachts, boats and equipment each year.

However, this page won’t be available for much longer. Due to high demand, I’ll soon no longer be accepting applicants. This means if you’re serious about earning the income you need to have the life you’ve always wanted, you need to act fast.

Ask yourself these questions:

How are you getting leads?
How are you closing sales?
How are you communicating with your clients?
How are you getting listings or inventory?
How are you presenting yourself in the marketplace?

 Imagine What Your Business, and Your Life, Could Be Like 12 Months from Now…

Your Own Community

Converse and network with other players closing deals worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars every month.

Weekly Calls

Meet once a week for 60 to 75 mins and you’ll discover how the top performers sell boats, yachts, charters and marine equipment which earns them 7-figures a year.

Master the Art of High Income Sales

Acquire the mindset, know what to say, build relationships, negotiate like a pro, automate your business, maximize your listings, and get access to the latest strategies from the top marine salespeople in the world.

Customized Plans

This isn’t a one size fits all. Every salesperson has their own challenges and aspirations. Talk to me and together we’ll come up with a plan just for you. 

On-Going Support

When times get tough, you’ll get your biggest breakthroughs. I’ll regularly touch base with you with encouragement and support so you can reach your selling potential and have your best year ever. 

Run Your Business 
Like a Pro

In the digital age, it’s those who leverage their resources at their disposal who will gain an edge over their competitors. I’ll tell you what tools the top salespeople use to stand out from the rest and impress even the most hard to please clients.

VIP Treatment

Have an important deal you need help negotiating? Pick up the phone and call me. I’ll help you get the best result. Want to discuss marketing strategies? Email me. I’m dedicated to your success.

An Important Word… 

This is meant for brokers, dealers, charter agents and salespeople in the marine industry who are ambitious and driven to succeed.
I’ll show you how to reach the top of your market and reap the rewards of your labor. However, I can only guide you. It’s up to you to take the steps.

What this means is, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and take the necessary action, this may not be right for you.
However, if you think you have what it takes to smash through your income goals, and achieve your dream life, then apply now by clicking the button below.

So, if you’re hungry for success and you’re willing to up your game to the next level, then:


Apply NOW by clicking the button below.
Let me get to know you better by answering a few questions.
Tell me what time and day suits you for a friendly, informal chat.
If we’re a good fit, I’ll give you the chance to get trained by me.

Due to Limited Availability YOU Must Take Action NOW!

Here's What My Current & Past Students Have to Say About Me

Many thanks Vincent for your personalized email and its contents. I am amazed how dedicated you're to your profession. Keep it up, you're doing a great job.

- murshed salam
sribangla boat builders

I have sold 6 boats in the last 30 days and have another one closing next week and a survey tomorrow! Thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate it! 

- david hunt
galati yacht sales

Love your emails. I root for you all the time Vincent. You deserve it and you are good for our industry.

- mike joyce
ceo, hargrave yachts

Closed my first $1,000,000+ yacht last week and I couldn't have landed that deal without the skills I learned from Yacht Sales Academy. Thank you Vincent Finetti!

- Gordon bennett
yacht broker, annapolis

Sold 3 boats in 14 hours Saturday (thanks to Yacht Sales Academy) - now I'm a little busy delivering them. Thanks again.

- dale goodman
Yacht Broker, KMC Marine

Special Thanks to Vincent and Yacht Sales Academy! I applied some of the techniques and recently sold a €2,500,000 million yacht. The Yacht Sales Academy MasterClass is a true investment.

- cedric leclerc
Yacht Consultant, Breeze Yachting

I'm Slammed! Last year, I was selling less than a boat a month, to now, averaging 3 boats a month.

- eric brummett
yacht broker - st. petersburg

No matter what stage you're at in your career as a broker, Vincent will be able to provide you with highly-valuable and result oriented information and strategies to allow you to improve your sales results immediately.

- Niall Heaney
GulfStream Boat Sales

The email sequence was very effective and I was receiving new leads every day. We ran the campaign for 90 days and received tons of leads. We ended up selling a new yacht worth $720,000.00 which was a fantastic ROI for this short campaign! 

- Rok Babarovic 
Business development manager, Pardo Yachts

As the Dealer Support Specialist of the Ferretti Group, I asked Vincent to organize a training session for 100+ Riva dealers. I am pleased to say that it was extremely insightful and effective. Vincent shared more than 10 years of experience and knowledge during these few hours with our team, and also shared his fresh and effective ideas & strategies.His training is dynamic and result oriented, which exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend organizing a team training with Vincent.

- Serena Riccobene
Dealer Support Specialist, Ferretti Group

The Yacht Sales Academy program has helped my dealers be more focused, motivated, and skilled to sell more Jeanneau. Weeks after the training, we are still receiving endorsements from happy dealers and have already signed up for another Yacht Sales Academy Dealer Program.

- nicolas harvey 
president jeanneau america

Vincent came to our company office in Annapolis and delivered an outstanding training. His material was excellent, the teaching was entertaining and result oriented. And each of our team members could not wait to go back out to apply those wonderful strategies. My only regret is to not have started working with Vincent sooner.

- dave patnaude
sales manager, clarks landing yacht sales

You're a genius. Next time I see you beers are on me.
Just got an epic 3mil listing on an 80ft Custom yacht. Plus I am new at this whole broker thing. The whole way through the process of trying to secure it and having other brokers try to cut me out  I was watching and re-watching the videos. Getting all the key questions down and i did it :)

- ari sherr
denison yachting

I was inspired by your videos and the educational value was superb. I'm still impressed with your marketing process. Take good care, and keep up the great work! 

- jerry baker
hilton yacht & ship

Wow! offer accepted and i said exactly as you suggested for the counter. I can't believe it...I will keep you posted for the closing next week! 

- john smith
abc yacht sales

Thank you for that. I really didn't want to miss this last session as i am getting a lot out of it. But because of following the training, i will have done three surveys just this week alone by tomorrow afternoon.

- james ready
great southern yacht company

I highly, highly, highly recommend the Yacht Sales Academy training. Over 40 of Denison’s brokers have successfully completed it. Every single one of them received value from taking the training and told me they would vouch for the investment.

- bob denison
president, denison yachting

Last week we had a Sales Seminar. We had over 40 people attending and the overall reaction was “Fantastic”. Vincent Finetti was a home run. He’s definitely the best sales trainer in our business.

- peter schmidt
Founder & CEO, United Yacht Sales

Because of your training, I will have done three surveys just this week alone.

- james ready
Great Southern Yacht Company

Speaking with you must have been the trick — have gotten 2 quality listings in the last week, in the big leagues! Listing a $1.2M, 28m boat and a custom 65' Power Cat at $700K.

- Marisa F. Velasco 
Avenger Yachts / United Yacht Sales

During our training you demonstrated a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in regards to the yachting industry. It was also astounding to see you express your skills in communication, professionalism, and integrity. I would like to emphasize that I highly recommend the Yacht Sales Academy and would be more than happy to work together again in the near future.

- francis lapp
ceo, sunreef yachts

Some big, some small. Since Vincent and I started talking, I've done over $15 Million in sales.

- ryan haines 
owner, rkh yachts

At the beginning of the pandemic, I asked Vincent to do a group training with our group of 30+ brokers. The response from our team was amazing! Vincent not only motivated them, but gave them the tools and formulas to be more effective for listing and selling yachts in today's market.

- peter s. whiting
ceo, seattle yachts

Great stuff today! I used to manage 125 salespeople across 5 continents and wish I had your training and tips back then! You get it, and do a great job getting the message across.

- rob fuller
broker, seattle yachts

Now It’s Your Turn

I’ve helped thousands of marine salespeople all across the world to up their game and reach their financial goals. Now I want to do the same for YOU.

Book a call now by clicking on the link below.

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  • 407 Milton Street
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